BeeAroundTown is the Place to Find Really Local Events and Destinations in Greater Cleveland!

What is BeeAroundTown?

At BeeAroundTown, we’re a lot like you. We got tired of looking everywhere for things to do in and around Cleveland, so we created a site dedicated to making it easy to find local events in your town. Events are submitted by folks just like you who are looking to have fun and entertain their neighbors. Find events or create your own events on

Start Finding Events Nearby

Finding events in the Greater Cleveland Area couldn’t bee easier! You can search for local events that interest you. From sporting events to live music, local restaurants to family activities, you’re sure to find something fun for you on BeeAroundTown.

Create Your Own Local Events

BeeAroundTown offers free community event listing. Simply create an account and submit some information about your event or location. By creating an account you get an unlimited access to edit and post new events and locations as often as you like. Our busy bees will approve the event, and you’ll be reaching new audiences in a snap.

  1. The website features four categories. Here are some examples of the contend that can be used in your event or location suggestion: 

    1.       *  “Dining” (e.g, farmers markets events, wine tasting, dining promotional events,  cooking classes, etc.)
  2.       *  “Entertainment” (e.g., art exhibits in local museums, galleries or libraries; community theater events, classical, jazz, pop music concerts; parades and festivals; networking events open to the public; lectures; open mic event, etc., )
  3.        *  “Family” (e.g., library events, ice skating, bowling, roller skating events, theater productions, any kid's events, etc.)
  4.        *  “Recreation” (e.g., nature walks, marathons, yoga workshops, etc.)


If you manage an organization or have several events throughout the year, contact us to learn more about special options. 

How do I get the most out of BeeAroundTown?

BeeAroundTown appeals to a wide range of individuals - parents/young families, teens, young professionals and empty nesters. BeeAroundTown makes it easy for visitors to find and create local events. Get weekly updates on the events in your area by signing up for the newsletter.

We have a strong presence on multiple social media platforms, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We post up-to-the-minute information, rotating the location and category of each post. We also use these platforms to run contests and sweepstakes, providing increased advertising for participating businesses.

Browse our event listings regularly. Return to each week to see what’s new in your neighborhood and discover new events around town.


contact us to learn more. Event managers can learn more about how BeeAroundTown can support your local events.